Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shot 29

Heres shot 29 with the cheeky little hero gnome flicking the stone which would then land inside the flower pot that macho gnome was lifting making it that much too heavy for him to continue holding up...


  1. cheeky indeed. Could you remove the camera from the playblast tho tom as its a bit difficult to see clearly.

    Nice lil action with the flicking of the stone, ive posted an image on the team blog to just illustrate the stones path which i'd like you to change. Could you also make his mouth a little more narrow. When we concentrate we tend to purse/squeeze our lips together. Other than that this is looking very nice indeed and look forward to what you next produce for us.

  2. ah tom your gonna kill me but i just thought of summat you can do for this shot to.
    Think there needs to be some slight movement from the arm as he flicks the stone, have some overlap and that as if hes really pushing it off from his hand as at the moment, the whole arm stays pretty static until the flick. This is the only bit i would tweak though....and the stone direction path....but apart from that, its a done deal mate